Hyperion to Showcase Hydrogen Refueling Station at LA Auto Show

Global Debut of H2 Fueling Products featuring ‘XP-1’ Vehicle

Los Angeles, CA – Hyperion Motors, Inc. will be showcasing its spaceship-inspired ‘XP-1 Hyper:Car’ for the first time on a world stage at Automobility LA™ on Nov. 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This hydrogen-powered vehicle incorporates NASA H2 technologies to deliver 2,000+ horsepower to 4 axial-flux electric motors.

Additionally, Hyperion will globally launch its ‘XF-7 Hyper:Fuel’ power station. This space station-inspired charger utilizes several NASA technologies to refuel hydrogen (FCEV) and battery (BEV) electric vehicles.  Because hydrogen ions (hyper-ion) can store mass amounts of electricity, this station can easily charge battery and fuel cell systems. Beyond this, XF-7 can also provide utility grid support for emergency and backup power applications.

Hyperion will exhibit its futuristic product line showcasing the complete H2 ecosystem— starting with solar power to generate hydrogen, and ending with electrically powered vehicles with water vapor exhaust. All company products are inspired by space travel and utilize NASA technologies. Come to the LA Auto Show to learn about hydrogen and the future of fuel!

About Hyperion

Founded in 2011, Hyperion Motors, Inc. is a technology company that focuses on green hydrogen-based power and delivery.  From mobile to stationary power, Hyperion seeks to revolutionize the energy sector by producing high-quality, scalable hydrogen fuel cell technology for use in a wide variety of industries.  More information about Hyperion can be found at www.hyperion.inc. Follow Hyperion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hyperion: Space Technology for the Road.

Media Contact: Chris Clark