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Hyperion executives pose during a private unveiling of an early vehicle prototype in Columbus, Ohio.
Hyperion R&D Center
Hyperion Founder & CEO during the Columbus, Ohio Manufacturing HQ announcement in 2022.
Constantine "Angelo" Kafantaris is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Southern California and Central Ohio-based technology startup, Hyperion Motors, which develops hydrogen fuel cells, energy storage, and advanced mobility solutions.

Hyperion was founded in 2011 in Columbus, Ohio with an early team of aerospace and automotive engineers who wanted to inspire the hydrogen industry to think bigger. In 2015 the company moved to the west coast to continue development using California’s Hydrogen Highway. In 2020 Angelo’s team unveiled the XP1 prototype: the world’s first 1,000-mile electric vehicle. Hyperion’s power-plant is a quantum leap in fuel cell architecture— with NASA and DOE technologies. In 2022 Hyperion announced a $297M planned investment into a 65-acre Columbus OH site to mass produce high-performance fuel cells for: stationary power, commercial vehicle, and spaceflight applications.

The company's hydrogen roadmap starts with the XP-1 and ends with low-cost hydrogen infrastructure. Kafantaris envisions “a zero emissions future, sourced from renewable wind & solar, and fueled by H2.” The company aims to deliver all the benefits of electric power, without the limitations of batteries.

Hyperion R&D

1032 W. Taft Avenue
Orange, CA 92865
Orange, CA     Hyperion’s California Research and Design center is home to large-scale rapid prototyping for automotive, energy, and aerospace products.   The 3-building campus covers research, design, engineering, testing, validation, marketing, and sales teams.  Here a concept can start on a post-it note and develop into a real-world driving, flying, or refueling product.   The location is near California’s Hydrogen Highway where all its products are tested.
  • Research
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Hyperion HQ

5300 Crosswind Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228
Columbus, OH     Hyperion’s Ohio Manufacturing and Executive Headquarters is the production epicenter for all stationary and mobile power-systems.  The 65-acre, 500,000-SF campus includes executive leadership, production engineering, component manufacturing, final assembly, and distribution teams.  The location will be the central distribution hub for products and services in North America.
  • Executive Headquarters
  • Production Engineering
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Final Assembly
  • Distribution